Yulia Gasio

As a figurative painter, Yulia's artistic focus centers on the intricate portrayal of the human form. She firmly believes that human figures serve as a direct conduit to sensuousness, intimately tied to our psychology, and are a powerful means of depicting the human condition. In her view, the human figure stands as the most profound and compassionate vehicle for conveying intricate narratives encompassing social, political, and personal dimensions. Simultaneously, it eloquently communicates the delicate nature and intrinsic worth of human life.

Yulia's artistic methodology is deeply anchored in the practice of direct observation. She perceives the process of translating a physical, three-dimensional object onto a two-dimensional surface as an act of abstraction. It requires artists to distill and condense, ultimately conjuring the optical illusion of depth on a flat canvas. From her perspective, this act of artistic transformation transcends temporal constraints and the limitations of spoken language. Images become a universal language, delivering poignant messages that resonate with viewers across time and cultures. These messages are often emblematic of prevailing beliefs and the evolving societal landscape, offering profound insights into the dynamics of power during the era of their creation.