Portfolio > City of Angels

Holly Family
Acrylic paint, ink, copic markers on dura-lar
8ft by 8ft
Cary Grant
Ink and Acrylic on Dura-lar
96 by 96 inches

This collection seeks to capture the quintessence of American culture by exploring the deep-seated belief in the "American Dream" and Hollywood's significant impact on worldwide audiences across generations. It strives to embody the ideals of the American Dream, mirrored through the emblematic visuals and the ubiquitous aura of optimism prevalent in American cinema during the 1980s and 1990s. This period, notable for its depiction of a distinct vision of success, wove intricate sexual dynamics into the fabric of mainstream media narratives, leaving a lasting impression on the values and perceptions of young people globally. The portrayal of success in cinema has been instrumental in shaping societal norms and aspirations on a global scale.

Through this body of work, I aim to reflect on and critique the narratives that have shaped contemporary understandings of success, identity, and aspiration, inviting viewers to reconsider the images and ideals that have defined the American experience for decades.