Portfolio > City of Angels

Holly Family
Acrylic paint, ink, copic markers on dura-lar
8ft by 8ft
Cary Grant
Ink and Acrylic on Dura-lar
96 by 96 inches
Ink, acrylic on paper
27in by 40in

Figurative art, with its empathetic portrayal, embraces the complexity of human emotions and experiences. "Sunlit Spectra" emerges as a reflective discourse on American culture, specifically Hollywood phenomenon, dissecting the layers of success, identity, aspiration, and ideals that have perennially sculpted the American ethos. This narrative is linked to cinema's portrayals, which not only frame global perceptions of the American Dream but also mirror how Americans perceive their own societal roles and aspirations.

The concept of the "American Dream," amplified by Hollywood, has wielded a profound influence on global audiences across various eras. My personal journey, originating in the monochromatic vistas of a Soviet-occupied Ukraine, was shaped by the ideals of the American Dream. This era, renowned for its specific portrayal of success, seamlessly integrated sexual dynamics into the broader media narrative, extending beyond mere marketing of success images. Yet, the portrayal is not solely about success—it also encompasses the light and climate specific to this geographic locale. This environmental backdrop contributed significantly to the success narrative, where life appeared idyllic, illuminated by perpetual sunshine.